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    Margosha from Russia wants to find a man from Western Europe, North America, Australia

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    Анастасия from Russia wants to find a man from Western Europe, North America, Australia

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    Екатерина from Russia wants to find a man from Western Europe, North America, Australia

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    Елена from Russia wants to find a man from Western Europe, North America, Australia

Uniting Russian ladies and Western gentlemen

During 7 years we have been successfully helping to Russian women and Western men to unite and to fine their halves. We are very proud to have a high level of marriages on our site, in summer and autumn we have around 3-4 marriages a day among the people who met each other on our site for serious acquaintances with Russian girls. In winter and spring this quantity is somewhat less and makes around 4-8 weddings a week. During seven years it made thousands of happy people who found each other here. We are doing our best to keep the site the best and safest one in Internet due to our anti-scam program. All the women on our site are real, they are checked before activation by several managers and only those women .

who pass this check get their profiles activated. If we see that the women are registered on some scam lists or if we have some suspicions regarding their identity then we do not activate them on our site at all. As all the women here are real we cannot make them write to the men – you need to be active and write to the women first to express your interest and invite them for dialogue. This site is not “mail order” bride site, so you receive only genuine letters from genuine women who wrote these letters by themselves. Also we can be proud by the best support on the site – if you have some questions regarding the work of the site then write to support chat and our managers will do their best to answer your questions.

Photos of Russian women with the highest rating in photo contests

Romance with a Russian girl

Many Western men for some reason believe that Russian women need only money and try to show that they have it as if trying to buy a woman. Women do not register on the site just to escape from their country to the better life in another country or to get a rich man, they search for love, so they require the corresponding attitude and lots of attention. If you really want to be with this woman then show to her your romantic side. Of course you do not need to pay for her shopping and waste money, but you can buy some flowers to her without any reason just because she exists, invite her to the restaurant, maybe on some boat trip – try be romantic and make the woman feel a Woman with you

Means of communication with Russian women on the site

Writing letters is the most popular way of knowing Russian women on our site. Every day more than 50 000 letters are sent by our users!Especially important is writing first letter as it gives to a woman the first general idea about you. That’s why the letter should contain some basic information about yourself, give to the woman some facts about you, but do not give her any details – let she ask for the details by herself.

“I have not been contacted for some time” feature Some women can be very interesting and charming, but for some reason they do not receive real letters, only winks and postcards. If you see inscription “I have not been contacted for some time” on profile of women it means that she did not receive real letters for more than 3 days, you can write her a letter and for sure she will be glad to receive it

Mistakes in building relationships in Internet

Expectation to find a girl 20-30 years younger than you are. In Russia such difference in age is not accepted. Such marriages exist, but usually they are exceptions from the rules, not the rules. Besides many men want to have not just a doll next to them to show her to friends and be proud of her, but they want to have a partner, friend next to them. It is difficult to imagine that 18 yo girl will have something in common with 50-60 yo man to be his partner and friend. She can be partner, but not in serious relationships obviously. Expecting when women will write to you by themselves, so you registered, put your photos on the site and wait until somebody will write you. Russia and Ukraine are not feminist countries, so here it is considered that men should be first to do some steps, so girls mostly wait attention from you. Sending of sex-pictures of your naked body. Women have another type of sexuality than men, so they cannot look at perfect body or even in intimate parts of body and fall in love. They need to communicate with man first for some time to know if they are interested in him and want to get closer with him or not. If you send photos of your naked body to women it will lead just to disgust or giggling from their side, they will definitely not be excited about that and will think that you are just a next pervert who is talking to them just for fun.

Photo contests – one more possibility to meet a Russian woman We have several photo contests in our site for different categories of photos. Upload photos in your profile and put them for some photo contest. You will not only get rating of your photos but also will receive one more possibility to meet women. If some woman likes your photo and she gives you 10 mark then you will receive notification about it and from this correspondence can start which can lead to something more.

Chat opens new horizons of communication Chat can be also one of the means to meet beautiful Russian women. Not all the women who are online are in chat, so you can write them short letter inviting to chat and probably after such invitation they will come there. Remember that not all the women percept it normal when some unknown man is inviting them to chat, so probably it would be better if you exchange several messages with the woman until going to chat.

Attitude of Russian women to children

  • Russian women mostly love children very much, many women will also be glad to accept child of their husband, at least they will be open for it, but you should not hide the fact that you have children and then strike the woman with this fact. Tell that you have a child to the woman as a fact still at the beginning of your communication.

  • The women who already have their own children will be more willing to accept children of the men because they already have experience. If the girl does not have her own children, and besides she is the only child in family then it will be quite difficult task for her to set good relationships with the children of her husband from previous marriage.

  • Say to the woman at the start of your communication that you have child, but do not ask the woman at first if she will be ready to accept your child. Let her know something about your life and life of your child, introduce your child to your woman. Also sometimes children can be jealous about other women in the life of their dad. In that case you need to speak with your child honestly that you will not love him/her less, but you also have right to be happy.

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